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What to Expect at Your Hair and Make-up Trial

You've booked your hair and/or make-up for the big day; now it's time to get a trial booked in. Ask any professional hair and make-up artist in the industry and we will all agree on the importance of trials, not just for the client but for the professional too. It's the perfect opportunity to try out different ideas in a relaxed setting and it means that the wedding morning will run more smoothly. There simply wouldn't be time on the big day to chop and change a style and to be honest, your nerves probably wouldn't take it and neither would ours!

It's possibly your first time having your hair and/or make-up done so it may feel a little daunting. Don't panic! I've explained everything below and I've added some handy tips to help you. So what happens at a trial, how long does it take and what do you need to bring?


What happens during the trial?

The first thing I like to do is chat with you about your ideas. I'll ask to see a photo of your dress, particularly the back as this can help decide the type of hairstyle you might want. I'll ask you to show me photos of styles you like, what you like about them and which ones are your favourite, to give us a starting point. We'll also discuss any hair accessories you are thinking of using and whether you are having a veil.

If you have booked both hair and make-up, I will most likely start by prepping your hair. If I am using heating rollers, I will leave them in until cool and move onto your make-up, returning to your hair and finishing the styling. We'll then study the completed look, discussing any tweaks or move onto something different. It doesn't matter if you're unsure on what you want as we really can try different options until you settle on your favourite. Quite often, a style you thought you wanted ends up looking very different on you but it helps you to fine tune what you do like and is all part of the process.

Once you are completely happy, I will take photos and a video (this gives a much more accurate version of the style) for my reference and to send to you for yours. If you want to leave the hair and make-up in place afterwards, I'll ask you to provide feedback on how it all looks later in the day. This helps me make any necessary adjustments on the wedding morning.


How Long Will it Take and Where Do you Hold Trials?

If you have booked hair and make-up, I would allow between 2-3 hours for your trial. If you have booked hair or make-up, allow up to 2 hours. I hold my trials at my studio space in Mayfield, East Sussex. Alternatively, I can come to you (travel charge may apply).


What Do I Need to Bring?

Bring along any hair accessories you might like to try. Most brides don't have their veils yet but if you do, please feel free to bring it along with you.

Wearing a light-coloured top is advisable as it really can change the whole look. A light top will be more in keeping with your wedding dress. Dark colours can change the make-up in particular.


Should I Wash My Hair on the Day or the Day Before?

Ideally, wash your hair the day before as it is more manageable than freshly washed hair. However, if you are someone who washes their hair everyday and would feel uncomfortable not doing so, it's absolutely fine. Leaving out the conditioner can be helpful as it can give the hair more grip.


I Don't Wear Much Make-up Normally, and I'm Worried I won't Look Like Me?

My goal is to make you feel like you. It is especially important to recognise yourself on the big day, particularly if you start to feel nervous. I specialise in natural make-up and I really enjoy accentuating natural beauty. I would much rather put too little on to start with and then build up the areas you may want more on rather than it being too much.

I believe make-up should feel light and invisible and allow natural radiance to shine through. My work on Commercials has allowed me to perfect my natural make-up skills as everything is filmed in HD and the 'no make-up' make-up look is very hot right now.


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