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Which Hair Accessory to Choose?

How do you know which hair accessory to choose? What will suit your style? Do you need one if wearing a veil? Do you need one at all? These are very common questions from brides and like most areas of the wedding, there is so much choice it can be hard to know what to go with. Here are some ideas from my previous brides, to get you started.


  • These come in various shapes and sizes, from very delicate to really full and sparkly. They can be woven into a style and moved around the head easily.


  • Fresh flowers can add a fresh and natural element to your look. Order them with your wedding flowers and ask the florist to attach them to wires, which makes them easier to secure.


  • Tiaras create that classic wedding look but they don't have to be diamante.


  • Flower crowns can be made by your florist and are attached to a light frame which goes directly onto your hair. This is then pinned in using kirby grips to keep it in place. They can look amazing but can be quite heavy if overloaded with flowers so bear that in mind when choosing.


  • Jewelled combes and clips easily compliment a style and are very secure. They come in all shapes and sizes, from vintage styles to modern.


  • A cheaper option to real flowers and longer lasting, these are usually attached to a comb which slots in easily to any style.


  • Hair pins are probably the most versatile accessory and can easily add a lot of sparkle and interest to a style. There are so many options out there, from pearls to full-on sparkly.

What if I'm Wearing a Veil?

Most brides don't wear a veil for the entire wedding so when they take it off, it's nice to have something else in their hair. Veils can sit on top of a hair accessory very easily and if you want the accessory to be visible at the same time as the veil, decorative combs and hair vines work well for this. Whatever your style, playing around with a few ideas to see what works for you is advisable. The hair trial is a great time to do this!

Will it Look Too Much?

Lots of brides worry that adding a hair accessory will be too much. It really doesn't. Even the most sparkly of dresses benefit from a hair accessory to tie in the overall look. That said, you don't have to have anything in your hair at all. It really does depend on your style choices.

Where Can I Buy Hair Accessories?

Etsy is a good place to find most hair accessories, particularly hair vines. Accessorize and Claire's Accessories also have good options, with a large selection of hair pins.


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