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What about Mother of the Groom?

As the end of another busy wedding season fast approaches, attention now turns to 2018 and even 2019/20 weddings. Lots of brides are getting in touch to book hair and make-up for their big day and no doubt there are many excited bridal parties looking forward to all the fun and glamour coming their way too. I do often feel for the groom's side of the family though, in particular the Mother of the Groom, somewhat overlooked in terms of pampering for their son's big day.

Perhaps it's because I am a mother to boys and I would hate not to feel as involved as the bride's family. I've had a few clients this year who all wanted to feel special for their sons big day yet they struggled to find a hair and make-up artist who would work with them over a bride, which I completely understand, given that we're running freelance businesses. It was, however, such a pleasure to be able to make them feel as great as I know the mother of the bride would have been feeling.

So I say, why not make it a bigger event! Include some relatives or friends, crack open the bubbles, enjoy getting dressed up, even get a photographer onboard. Give the bridal party some competition!

With this in mind, I have decided to offer a special 'Mother of the Groom' package for 2018. Let me make you feel extra special for the day. You are an important part too!

For more details, click here.

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