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Teenage Make-up Lessons

I recently shared a video by make-up artist Wayne Goss on my Facebook page about the problems with a lot of today's make-up tutorials on YouTube (see below).

I'm not a huge fan of these tutorials for a number of reasons. Mainly because I believe in enhancing women's natural beauty rather than attempting to change their features with 'techniques' such as contouring (which is meant for the stage). It concerns me that young girls watching these tutorials will think they are only beautiful if they plaster themselves in make-up and change all their recognisable features with brown and white make-up. These videos are not a realistic portrayal of natural beauty. They are highly edited! What kind of message are we sending out to impressionable girls?

So I've decided to do something about it. I'm now offering make-up lessons for teenagers with the aim of teaching them how to apply make-up properly, which colours suit them, all about their face shapes and eye shapes and what to avoid (squared off eyebrows come to mind!).

From speaking with clients over the years, it would seem we could have each benefited from this kind of lesson in our youth. No one showed us how to do things properly, it was either guess work, copying our peers or our mums make-up which if you grew up in the 80s like me, meant purple eyeshadow and bright pink blusher until the much better (in my opinion) 90s looks came in. It is of course a very different world now and Instagram and YouTube among others, have certainly changed our perception of beauty.

If you have a teenage daughter, friend or relative who would benefit from this lesson, please either get in touch via email or book online under my services page.

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